[Review] Gunnar Optiks Computer Glasses

    Gunnar Optiks MLG Phantom

    Gunnar Optiks MLG Phantom

    Like many Twitch viewers, programmers, desk-jobers and the like, I stare at a computer screen ALL day. Recently I quit my day job and have been home more often staring at my computer screen to code, work on freelance, etc. and I’ve noticed that I began to get headaches much more often than normal. My allergies suck, so headaches have always been a problem, but it was getting to where I’d have a really bad one almost every single day.

    I had to do something.

    Being a part of the Twitch community, I’ve come across Gunnar Optiks quite a bit, and they are known to be the pricey side of computer eyewear. Now what makes them so special that they can charge more you ask? Well, I asked the same question, and did some Googling. It turns out the main difference between Gunnars and other yellow tinted computer glasses, is that Gunnars actually include a small bit of magnification, approximately +0.25. If you aren’t familiar with the numbering sequence, +0.00 is no magnification, and reading glasses typically range from +1.00 to +2.50. So, as you can tell, it’s hardly any magnification at all. However, if you are like me and normally wear low prescription glasses and take them off when at the computer, then these are probably your best option. If you don’t require glasses, or you wear contacts, then I’m not positive you would benefit as much from the +0.25 magnification to make the price point worth it.

    You can find yellow tinted computer glasses on Amazon for pretty cheap $20-30, whereas the cheapest “decent-looking” pair of Gunnars will likely run you $60+. I will mention, however, that the MLG Phantom Gunnars are specifically designed as “gaming eyewear”, on other words, the arms are thin-profile to allow for comfortable headphone wearing (which DOES work nicely). In the end, the decision is totally up to you, but if you are unsure, always make sure the seller you purchase from has a good return policy.

    If you are interested in picking up some Gunnar Optiks, I recommend grabbing yours on Amazon. I first tried Best Buy, as they were on sale, but they had only 2 ugly varieties (contrary to what the website said they had in stock). Click Here for the direct Amazon link to the ones I picked up. Good luck, and I hope my review has helped. 🙂

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